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Monterey, California

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Free, Weekly Yoga Practice

09/27 > Aura Expansion < Kundalini Yoga Practice

Balancing mind and body with Pranayama and basic yogic positions. Creating an internal dialogue to promote joy and wonder with an attitude of gratitude. Energizing the kundalini elevator to the 10th gate.


Have Fun @ 774 Wave Street, Monterey

Wave Flow -The Return < (no broadcast, cameras are offline)

Thank you to all who could come! Community gathering of fun, music, dance, and live artistic expressions of all kinds @ in Monterey.


Wave Street Live Sunday Session with Azi Fedoui, Dan and Chad Parker < Wave Street Live Experiential TV 

Wave Flow -The Return < (no broadcast, cameras are offline) 

Resources for the Disenfranchised < Resistance TV Ep. 16 

Niko, Travelling Artists < Spur of the moment 

Monterey Bay Community Power < Interview with Center for Climate Protection 

If You Want To Be Happy- Be! < Captain Avner Even-Zohar 

IAM :: Free beyond Expectations < Improvisational Arts Monterey 



Casie Fox < Yoga for flexibility

Tune in for a wonderful live 80 minute vinyasa class hosted at Wave Street Studios, 774 Wave Street in Monterey.




The Elements of Kundalini

Learn to customize and better integrate your Kundalini practice into your everyday life. Siri Dharma Galliano explains how to create effective and balanced routines of nearly any length. Whether you're a teacher or student this 5 exercise warm up and 20 exercise set is loaded with quality information. Siri completes class with a summation in our post class relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy.




Enlightenment is a Choice < Kundalini Yoga Practice

Pursuing enlightenment is a choice we make before we come to class. One born of personal commitment and service to each other. Kundalini Yoga is a valuable tool and powerful support system for personal exploration and spiritual growth. Join teacher Kirantana as he employs kundalini and the element of fire in tonight's class.