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The original idea of TV is amazing: being connected for learning, inspiration, discovery and entertainment from the convenience of our homes!

But what the majority of people today seem to consume — the 24/7 TV bloat with its artificial excitement and advertisements — is a perversion of the opportunity and responsibility we have on both sides of the screen.

Wave Street Studios is determined to deliver unique ad-free ethical video content, outside the box; outside the grooves, pressures and pitfalls of industrialized entertainment.

Our programming — as a family rooted business — is rather humble, but it comes from the heart.

Besides becoming a contributing supporter, we encourage you to participate in our slowly growing and maturing Online Community.

We want to establish an Online Portal with you, to be present virtually and physically; we want to team together with you and Be the change we want to see in the world.

We are the current Wave of Humanity! Let’s embrace with our heart what the mind cannot understand.


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